Welcome Back to school for 3rd Term

Guardians and students, welcome back to KinderKare Schools for the 3rd term of 2018. Teachers are happy to welcome you back to school.

Awards and Graduation

Through out the year, we take notice of children who have excelled in various areas. These children will be awarded on 23rd November. On that same day, we’ll have Pre Primary graduation at KinderKare Elementary School. You will receive any further communication regarding awards through your child diary.


Explain to your child that treating everyone with respect, being on time and in school everyday, wearing the correct uniform and working hard in school is important to you. These are also important life skills. The value you place on these will be the value your child holds.


Reading from real books (not electronic) is important for children to develop a love of books. Having a range of books at home and regular visits to the library also encourages this. At this time, turn the television/ computer off. Use the television/ computer as incentives for work done- they will value it more. We urge you to encourage reading as it helps children to not only build their vocabulary but improve their spelling which eventually helps them to excel. Please , do ensure that the library books that your child brings home are returned in good condition. We shall request you to replace any book damaged/lost book by your child in kind.

2nd Term Spelling Bee 2018

Spelling is so important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Comprehension improves when you know what the words mean. Since comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading, you cannot overestimate the importance of vocabulary development.

During Second term students participate in a school spelling. The spelling be is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. During the preparation of the competition students studied all the words with study guides and practiced in there class daily. It was great experience. It helped them increase there vocabulary,  learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help their lives. We look forward to the next spelling be and encourage you to be apart of it.

welcome back to KinderKare Schools for 3rd Term

Guardians and students, welcome back to KinderKare Schools for the 3rd term of 2018. Teachers are happy to welcome you back to school. Classes started September 19th and will continue until November 23rd.

Talent Unveiled at KK 2018 Talent Show

Wow!  KinderKare students are really amazing. At the end of 2nd term all KinderKare students from every branch participated in a talent show. They performed at the Ugandan National Theater. Talent was really Unveiled! Student had so many amazing talents to present. They worked really hard to train during the 2nd term. There was performances in ballet dance, hiphop,  cultural dances from different Ugandan tribes, Indian and Irish dances.  There was also poetry and acting. Visit the KinderKare elementary gallery to check out more pictures from the wonderful event.


2018 2nd Term


We request that parents/guardians drop the children at school no later than 7:00am. This allows our pupils to do remedial lessons in areas where more support is needed. Please, note that our pick up the is from 3:30pm for P.1 and P.2 and 4:10 for P.3 to P.6. Late pick up starts at 6:00p.m. and attracts a fine of Ten thousand shillings (10,000/=)per hour.

2018 2nd Term

Welcome back to KinderKare for the 2nd school term of 2018. We have so many exciting activities planed for this term. We have our annual talent show coming up on Sunday the 12th of August at 2:00pm. The them for this years talent show is “Talent Unveiled”.  It will be held at the Uganda National Cultural Center (National Theater). We look forward to parents and our staffs cooperation as we plan a wonderful show. Tickets for the talent show are now on sale at 20,000 shillings only.

Clubs are on going through out the year. We encourage students to continue to participate with the clubs that they have started in Term One. We look forward to seeing the growth and improvement of our student.

We would like to thank all the parents and guardians for continued support of their child’s growth, we encourage you to always be in touch with the class teacher, staff and admiration.

Term One 2017

It has been one of the longest holidays! I hope our children and parents have had a fabulous time, with lots of rest and fun activities. Our new term begins February 5th, 2018 for our new pupils. The old pupils will join us on Februray 7th, 2018. As is our norm, we take the first two days of the term to let our new children bond together and get used to the school before the others come back.
We are energized and look forward to another fruitful term.

Great News

The long awaited opportunity is here! The KinderKare family has once again spread their wings all the way to Lubowa, Entebbe Road! We are right after Roofings Ltd, just before the Mogas fuel station.
If you live on Entebbe Road, or know somebody who does, please pass on the good news. Our doors are wide open.