Elementary Curriculum

Using an integrated Ugandan and international curriculum, we unlock each child’s full potential and encourage them to express their view points. Our curriculum fosters creativity, imagination and a real joy for learning. Our system produces well-rounded pupils in academics as well as other disciplines. Specifically, we teach:

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literacy I (Reading)
  4. Literacy IIa (Science)
  5. Literacy IIb (Social Studies)
  6. French & Swahili
  7. Physical Education
  8. Music, Dance and Drama
  9. Art and Crafts
  10. Information and Communication Technology
Clubs & Other Activities

Clubs are also part of the practical teaching/learning process. These include: Cookery, Basketball, Swimming, ICT, Music ( Piano & Guitar), Taekwondo, Scouting, Creative Writing, Chess, Scrabble and Brain Master.

We maintain small numbers in our classrooms so they can enjoy hands-on experience with their teachers. 

Download Resources

You can download copies of the just completed School Curriculum Presentations for each class here.

Primary One Curriculum Presentation

Primary Two Curriculum Presentation

Primary Three Curriculum Presentation

Primary Four Curriculum Presentation