Pre-School Curriculum

We have an integrated curriculum, using selected themes to stimulate our little ones’ ever increasing curiosity.

Our thematic approach integrates Maths, Language, Science and Social Studies; making learning easy and fun.

Our curriculum embraces other activities like Music, Dance and Drama; Art and Physical Education. We integrate technology in our teaching.  The children love it!

We believe that every child is unique and so, their capabilities differ accordingly. Some really gifted children, for instance, are able to read by the time they are 4 years old, and some do not read until they are 6 years or even older. We recognize that all learners are different and learn at different pace, therefore they are all handled with utmost care.

Our Programme

Our programme recognises:

  • A need to feel a sense of trust, security and competence
  • A need to know, reason and solve problems
  • A need to be creative
  • A need to develop physical coordination
  • A need to share experiences with other children and adults.